Opening Letter From the Webmaster
Yet Another Website for Photographic Competitions?
I have no idea how many websites exist at the moment, though it is probably millions and I am sure that a large number of them are dedicated to photographic competitions.
Why create PhoTournament then?
I would not have invested my time on such a demanding website without being fully convinced that, regardless of the wide offering available on the web, there was still nothing around expressing the formula and scope offered by this website.
PhoTournament's Formula
PhoTournament is based on two well-distinct and well-separated communities of members: Challengers and Judges.
While the Challengers participate in the tournaments to have their work tested and recognized, the Judges participate for the pleasure of examining the submissions and to provide the service of selecting, in their individual judgement, the best-submitted works.
Everything in PhoTournament's selective process is very clear, including each Judge's selections that are published alongside the result of a tournament.
PhoTournament's membership is completely free and the members can enjoy a constantly growing number of services without paying any fee.
However, in order to become a member a candidate must fill in an application form, which will only be accepted if the Senior Members conclude that the candidate's profile fits into the Scope of PhoTournament.
The Scope of PhoTournament
PhoTournament is dedicated to a specific kind of member: a person who truly appreciates Photography and PhotoArt and who publicly displays his/her talent in a personal website and/or in one or more galleries hosted somewhere else on the Internet.
The Mission of PhoTournament
PhoTournament has been created specifically to provide a virtual place for individuals who share a passion for Photography and PhotoArt and who are proactive and recognizable Internet users. In this virtual place they can expose their artistic identity with something more than just a link and have it recognized by other people who share the same interests.

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