PhoTournament - Frequently Asked Questions
Q1.1 - Can film users participate with their submissions or is this website exclusively dedicated to Digital Photography?
PhoTournament is dedicated to Photography and PhotoArt. The film users are very welcome to participate with their works.
Q1.2 - My camera is not listed in the submission page, is it possible to add it?
Of course it is. Please contact us and tell us which is your camera’s model, we will be happy to add it to the list. In the mean time you can use the Camera Not Listed option from the list of cameras.
Q1.3 - I was halfway through filling in the registration when I stopped. I tried to complete it later on but the system tells me that my username already exists; hence you have only part of my registration filled in. What must I do to complete it?
Once the process of registration is started, the username specified is stored in the database and it cannot be reused even if the registration process is not completed. In order to submit your application you have to complete all the steps until the last one and, therefore, by starting it again, you must provide a different username. Usernames can be changed later on by submitting a specific request to the Webmaster. However, the practice of changing the username is not recommended.
Q1.4 - What is my username and password?
If you forgot your username and password, the Webmaster can find it by looking at your e-mail address which you provided during the registration process. However, your password was encrypted and, therefore, not even the Webmaster can read it. The Webmaster will then change your password to a new temporary one which you can change once logged in via the ACCOUNT option in the top menu.
Q2.1 - How does a tournament work?
After being announced, a tournament enters the Submission Stage when the Challengers can participate with one image only. The Submission Stage ends when a pre-defined number of images have been accepted. The next stage of a tournament is the Scrutiny Stage during which the Judges scrutinize the accepted images. The Scrutiny Stage ends when a pre-defined number of Judges have completed their scrutiny. After the Scrutiny Stage, the tournament outcome is published and the tournament is featured for some time in the Latest Winners page. Eventually, the tournament moves from the Featured Stage into its final stage: the Archived Stage, when it is transferred to the Archive.
Q3.1 - What are the format, resolution and size limits for a file to be submitted to a competition?
  • The image's max resolution is 640x640 pixels.
  • At least one of the two dimensions (width or height) MUST be 640 pixels.
  • The file size can be up to 307200 bytes (approx 300kb).
  • JPG is the only file format accepted.
Q3.2 - My submission has been rejected and I would like to know the reason. There is very little information regarding rules or guidelines. Could you please let me know what I need to do to get my submission accepted?
PhoTournament is a completely free service and there are limits upon what the website provides. We do not provide a specific critique when a submission is rejected but a template answer listing the most frequent reasons why submissions are rejected. The best way to get a submission accepted is to produce it on purpose for the specific tournament instead of picking it from your existing portfolio and, if you have already done this, to produce another one with a very different approach or key of interpretation.
Q3.3 - I have been trying to submit an image but I don't know if it worked. I have not received a message saying it was accepted. Has it been received?
Some occasional problem may have interrupted your recent upload. The best way to check if your submission has been received, it is to try to submit again. If your submission has been already received, the system will tell you via a standard message. In that case you will be able to submit to that specific tournament again only if your submission will be rejected.
Q3.4 - How long does it take to know if a submission has been rejected?
A challenger is notified only if the submission is immediately rejected. "Not immediately rejected" submissions do not receive an immediate notification of acceptance though, due to the high number of factors which come into play in the evaluation of a submission. Basically, if you did not receive an immediate message of rejection there is a good chance that your submission will be accepted. However, the final (and only) confirmation of acceptance is the inclusion of the submission in the tournament's gallery when the tournament’s outcome is eventually published.
If your question is not listed here, you can use the contact form to ask it.

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